Beautiful Feet

Regular Pedicure    (45 minutes)
   Soak your tired feet in a fragrant salted water whirlpool. Toenails are trimmed and filed, cuticles and calluses are trimmed and buffed. A heavenly knee to foot massage and polish.
      $ 28

Spa Pedicure   (50-60 minutes)
   Everything offered with the Regular Pedicure PLUS extensive foot care. Choose between a paraffin treatment or moisturizing pedimask where feet are wrapped in hot towels.
      $ 40

Pedicure Add-Ons

Mini Pedicure
   $ 18

Toe Nail Art
   $ 4 and up per nail

French Toes
   $ 4

Polish Change
   $ 13

Paraffin Foot Mask
   $ 12

Exfoliating Foot Mask
   $ 12