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Gift Cards

A gift card is a perfect gift idea for the person who has everything or the busy person who deserves a break!

Gift cards are available for a specific amount or spa packages and we can arrange to have them mailed if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spa gift cards are a great gift idea. Everyone loves to be treated to a luxurious spa treatment and it's a great last-minute gift. Here's everything you need to know about our spa gift cards.

What are the most common amounts for spa gift cards?

There is neither a minimum amount nor a maximum amount, but most amounts are usually from $50 but many give $150 to make sure the recipient gets at least one substantial like a massage or facial. Larger amounts will let the person get multiple services, on one day or over time.

What spa treatments can you get with a spa gift cards?

Prices vary depending on the spa, but this is typical:

  • $20 - $50                spa manicure, pedicure or waxing
  • $50 - $100              facial or massage
  • $100 and more     two or three services

What are the advantages of spa gift cards?

They're easy to buy, they have a luxurious pampering image, and you can spend almost any amount.

What are the expiration dates and fees for spa gift cards?

Sophie's Nail Spa gift cards have NO EXPIRATION DATE and no fees.

What if I or the recipient lose the spa gift card?

Losing a spa gift card is like losing cash. Sophie's Nail Spa is not responsible for lost gift cards.

Should I include a tip on the spa gift card?

It's a nice gesture. Oftentimes recipients assume it's included.

What if the recipient doesn't use the whole amount on spa treatments?

He or she can use it on another occasion.